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Saga of Shillong (5.2)

We were running out of time. It was going to be dusk soon and visit the living root bridge was still left. So we skipped the site of balancing rocks. In my opinion, Mawlynnong is good for food and stay. The living root bridge is not far from the village. The tribal people made that bridge by joining roots together when the tree is young. Later, as the tree grows up, the roots become stronger to support any load. The walking passage was made out of bamboo. But to reach the bridge there are two ways. By one of them, general tourists go the destination. But Moon took the shortcut, the second one. Maa and I went down the hill until I could hear the sound of a river. The steps are made of roots and rock and they are moist. So you need to be extra careful while trekking.

The Show Stopper
Surrounding of Living Root Bridge

Upon reaching the spot I found myself in the middle of a jungle without a mobile network and if a dinosaur came out that jungle to say ‘hello’; trust me I won’t be surprised. The area was full of people. It seemed that college girls came to the area for excursions. Moon said, “There is another living root bridge. But that is far from here. You have to trek for 3000 steps to reach that. That bridge is more beautiful and it is a double-decker.” The sun was setting slowly. We had to return to our warm bed. But I wanted to stay there and hear the burble more. That area a moist smell which was intriguing me not to leave so soon. But we have to say goodbye to good places at last. And I had to take the steps to go up. On my way back to Shillong I saw the different look of the road at night and something flashed in my mind.

I figured out that to enjoy this actual journey, we had to visit this bridge early morning and had lunch at the village. Then we should have visited Dawki in the afternoon and stay at Mawlynnong for the night to cherish the serenity of Meghalaya. Actually, the journey to Mawlynnong from Dawki was one of a kind. On our right side, we were riding the hill and in left, at the foot of the hill, the vast land belongs to Bangladesh. Moon said, ” The cows often cross borders. If the cow comes from Bangladesh it can go back. But if a cow goes to Bangladesh, it never comes back.” The vegetation was completely different from Shillong. Betel was growing all over the area. But what was the most surprising was the sound associating us.

It seemed like someone is doing aarti in the jungle. Actually, a different kind of insect was making the sound. This experienced changed into something different in the evening. In my whole life, I have seen a clear sky only in Andaman. But the sky above the mighty Himalaya will hypnotize you. That night we reached quite late to our hotel. So we dined outside. On my way back I saw the Orion was standing with his bow. The Ursa Major put her eternal question mark on the galaxy. I sigh, “We should have stayed in Mawlynnong to enjoy this view.” Maa said, “Don’t worry, you and I can visit the village again. Now go to the room. Tomorrow we will tour around the city.” The next day was memorable in my life.

The Living Root Bridge

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