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Loving someone was easy.
Being passionate was easier.
But, making the same mistakes over and over
Was the easiest one, probably.
And I realised,
Each time I failed to reach my goal,
I could hear the sound of humiliation.
Each time I slept with a new person,
I lost another chance of my redemption.
Each night I clutched my pillow,
I longed for someone warm.
Every second I wasted for my long lost past,
I knew that the time won’t run back.
And now I guess that,
Unless you know the pain,
Pleasure can never find you.
Unless you feel the void,
Yearning can never embrace you.
Unless you face the fear,
Courage can never lift you.
Unless you drop the tears,
Joy can never come to you.

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For one last time,
Icarus flapped his wings.
He thought this fight will
Liberate him from Labyrinth.

For one last time,
Icarus dared to cross the sea.
He was warned neither be
Too low nor to be too high.

For one last time,
Icarus trusted his father.
Who made the wings
For his flight to be smoother.

For one last time,
Icarus cried for help.
Daedalus watched him falling
As those wax wings melted.

Poor Icarus flew too high.
He wanted to touch the Sun.
Poor Icarus wanted to cross his father.
He forgot those wings were not his own.
Poor Icarus hoped too much
He didn’t know that the creator
Doesn’t like such
Audacity to surpass.

Did Daedalus lament for his son?
Or did Icarus saw the rage in his father?
The myth says that
The abyss gulped him forever.

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Another Woman

At a certain point in time,
You will like a brand new smile.
That smile will make your day bright
and he'll keep calling you day and night.

His courtesy will move you.
His sincerity will blind you.
His words will woo you.
His kind soul will bewitch you.

He will take you to lovely dates
And share a cup of coffee.
He will promise to make you the happiest
And kiss you genuinely.

There are no more nightmares.
You are now in love; neck-deep,
Again you listen to the birds' chirp.
And forget that the coin might flip.

Phone calls are not frequent any more.
Texts get rare slowly.
Each time you get a busy line;
You got to know you are not his only.
His concern is now somewhere else,
Probably in another city.
And that's the time to realise,
You were his another woman only.