Posted in Poetry

Out of sight, out of mind

You said, “It’s out of my mind,
As soon as it is out of my sight.”
Keeping my head on your lap
I sighed, “Same”, I replied.

The evening was dark as well,
Like the nature of our relationship.
The sky poured the same that night,
As my tears would drip.

The day you smelled the same; euphoric,
As Sweet as the musk of Moschus,
And your touch was the same erotic
As the carvings of Khajuraho temples.
That evening your breath was addictive,
Like the intoxicating smell of dendrite.
And I could not stop you from kissing,
Though I knew the relationship was a toxin.

And the venom still runs through my veins,
Making my every night blurry as hell.
You were always honest about yourself.
But I kept lying to myself.
As I know, forever
You will be out of my sight.
But I Know,
You are still not out of my mind.

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