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After Breakup

No more late night calls,
No more good morning messages,
No more hearing that voice,
No more sudden kisses,
No more sharing pictures,
No more holding hands,
No more untold promises,
No more singing together.
A sudden winter will come.
That will freeze your heart
And your soul would be numb.
And one day will come; when
Warm spring will pour kiss
Again on those lips.

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Artist and The Canvas

He said to her,
“Women’s body is a canvas.”
She replied to him,
“Then pick up the brush.”
Her lips,
Her chest,
Her hips,
Her waist,
The brush didn’t leave any place.
She reincarnated.
And she bloomed;
Again with grace.

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It’s been two years.
My heart still bleeds.
Still I wish, I could see
Your sleeping face again.

The sky still gets dark
When clouds pour it down.
I wish I could get another morning,
Wrapped in your arm,
To take away all of my frown.

I still make chicken spicy,
And I brew strong coffee.
But they all feel stale,
As you are nowhere to taste.

I wish I could get lost in your eyes,
I wish I could smell your fragrance
I wish I could knot your ties,
I wish I could kiss you for an instance.

Now nicotine has replaced the kiss
And alcohol has replaced your scent.
Depression has took over the joy
And love has failed to sex.
As you are far away from my life
And I chose this path.
Still my soul holds a red thread,
Waiting to get tangled
With someone else’s fate.
As I know both of us were carefree winds,
And I know that time wouldn’t rewind.

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