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Saga of Shillong (6.1)

This was the final day of our Shillong tour. It was the shampoo day. A creature who had lived in a hostel doesn’t take bath regularly during winter. For me, I don’t bath for 7 days during winter. On that chilly morning, I dared to wash my hair so that I could take nice selfies.
After having a nice breakfast, I asked Moon, “What’s the itinerary for today?”
With a smiling face, he replied, “At first, we will head towards Tagore’s house followed by Elephant falls, Shillong viewpoint, Umium lake and then back to the hotel.”
I said, “And what about the cherry blossom festival?” He replied, “After completing the trip, you should freshen up yourself and then I will take you there.”

The day was shiny
Tagore’s Abode

Rabindranath Tagore, the first Nobel laureate of Asia is an icon for Bengali community. Mention any genre, any celebration, any season, any human emotion, you can find a song regarding that. He hailed from a very rich family. The Tagore family had a vacation house here in Shillong. Rabindranath wrote his famous novel ‘Shesher Kabita’, here in Shillong at that vacation house. To my uncle, that novel was the epitome of romance. So he was the most excited to see that house. Surprisingly he didn’t doze off a little bit this time.
Upon reaching the house, I found out there was signboard stating ‘Beware of Dogs’. I was hoping a fierce German Shepherd will come out; instead, some local people came out asking what was our purpose for intruding into private property.

We were shocked to have such welcome. Dad asked, “This is the home of Rabindranath Tagore. We came from Kolkata to visit this place.” They replied, “We know that, but recently a businessman has bought this house. So please leave.” I was stunned. We quickly took some pictures and left. Before leaving I saw the name of the house is ‘Jitbhumi’. Literally means ‘A land of Victory’. But the Bengalis lost a gem to some businessman.
With a heavy heart, we headed to Elephant Falls. There’s nothing special happened. We just trekked down the falls to take some pictures. It was a crowded area. So if you are going down, please mind the moist weather and wet stairs. It’s dangerous.

The Elephant Falls
The Honeymoon Couple
The Final Blueprint

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