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Saga of Shillong (6.1)

The next point was the Shillong peak. Maa and masi were busy in chatting with us. My uncle started dozing off again. I was eating chips without getting worried for my double chin.
Sometimes dad was asking for some chips and I was ignoring him as well.
Thus we reached the entrance of the peak point. It was a military base camp. So you have to show your identity card they will do the scrutiny of your car. Then after all the security check, crossing the military campus, our car stopped at the actual gate of the viewpoint. There you need to buy a ticket for 20/-. To be honest, Shillong viewpoint is a good point to take pictures and just pass times. There’s a costume rental shop too.

The ‘Matriarchs’ of my life
Dad on The Watchtower

And if there’s a chance for taking a beautiful photo my mom would not miss that chance. Not at all. So I arranged for the costume photo shoot. Initially, I said, “Nah! Mom, it’s too stupid. I am not gonna pose.” But later my inner woman woke up and I said, “Hold on. I need to fix my lipstick.” It will cost around 350/- to 500/- if you rent a dress and let them print photos. They immediately print the pictures. As usual, the Local Khasi women were in charge of the rental business. My dad was having fun on the watchtower. He is like a child as usual. From the top of the tower, he shouted, “Raka. Click a picture.” There was a food stall as well. As the clock was ticking, Moon said, “Hurry up. Let’s go to Umium Lake now. In the evening, we have to attend the festival as well.”

The City From Bird’s Eye View
FLora of Shillong
My Khasi Look

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