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Saga of Shillong (6.1)

On our way to Umium, I was wondering why this cherry blossoms of Shilong is not world-famous yet. Then I thought, it is better this way. We, human, tends ruining every natural beauty all the time. Spotify was playing ‘Love is here’. I was dreaming about some imaginary future spouse of mine for having some romantic moments under a cherry tree. Ma was unhappy with my picture in Khasi costume. She said, “Raka, you look like some dacoit.” I replied, “You look like the chief and I look like your bodyguard.” Maa was furious.

Way to Umium Lake
It was noon

So, It was decided that we shall have lunch at any restaurant nearby Umium lake. According to that Moon took us to a restaurant. It was a part of Meghalaya Tourism Corporation i.e. it was government establishment. The name of the resort was ‘The Lake View’. It was a very beautiful resort with a big dining area. The resort was built on the bank of the Umium lake. Masi was mesmerized immediately. She said, “You could have booked the rooms here. It is so peaceful here.” I said, “Masi, the rent is 4000 bucks per night right now and in this peak season, getting a room here is like winning a lottery. So just enjoy the view.” Their food quality was good at a reasonable price. Moon said, “Now we shall head to the main park. There are so many cherry trees. Take photos and have a boat ride.”

Umium Lake is the 4th largest lake of India. It supplies drinking water as well as electricity to the city. Dad said, “So much has changed in this 26 years.” When it comes to boating, my father acts like a little boy. He ran to the jetty, hired a big boat and we hoped in. The trip was pleasant. But Umium lake is too vast to cover in 30 min. The garden on the bank was vast. People were strolling, some even brought their dogs too. I quickly took some pictures of cherry flowers. But the time was ticking for the concert at the festival. So Moon said, ” Hurry up. If you guys are late it will be difficult for me to manage time.” So we headed toward the city once again.

Shakura. Up close
Umium Lake

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