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Saga of Shillong (2.0)

Chapter 2: The Journey

In my previous chapter, I stated the unique amalgam of five different people. Now in this chapter, I shall enlighten you about the journey to the Shillong.
Let me tell you, we Bengalis are very peculiar people. If we plan to travel, even if it is the next city; our suitcase must contain the following things:
Torch and candles(For power cuts in a new area)
Rope and clips (To dry our clothes)
Borolin (A multipurpose ointment)
Stack of Pantacid-40 (Because we are the permanent patients of gastric)
A knife and portable dinner set and bedsheets (We don’t trust the housekeeping service)
All of the sweaters and Jackets and Shawls in our closet (What if we catch a cold in an unknown place).

The list would go on but let me stop right here. But I was more unfortunate.
Since my childhood my mother made me carry books for competitive exams and homework in my vacations. And books were kept closed because who the hell studies in vacations? But she never forgot to tell me the tales of the prodigies whose mothers were her close friends. Hence after every lecture, dad concluded I was born worthless.

This time it was no different. I had to carry study materials of two subjects of GATE. An exam which was next to impossible for me to crack. But please don’t ask how many chapters I covered on that trip.

CLouds in Meghalya

Our Packing started in October. Within 15 days I witnessed the discoveries of so many sweaters and jackets and scarfs and what not. Each day my parents opened their suitcases. Then maa sat on the sofa and dad started to pack. Like a wise married man he never dared to cross his wife.
Well, two suitcases were packed; mine and theirs and they were weighted according to the airline’s rule. Yeah, we have a weighing machine at home which shows each month that I have not lost even one kilo. I doubt its accuracy. Along with two suitcases, there were one big bag and four handbags. Well, we were prepared for the battle.
Ah!! We didn’t forget the borolin.

On 12th November we reached Kolkata. From 13th November the festival was going to be inaugurated. That’s why getting a hotel around that time was nearly impossible. Different travel websites showed many hotels and homestays. But as we started to book in September, the price has skyrocketed. If anyone wants to attend the festival I would suggest that you better book rooms earlier. Keeping the convenience of my maasi, me and Uncle started to find hotels who have lift facilities. But those hotels had gone too expensive by then. Finally, we found a good guest house, called The White Orchid. They said, “We have one three-bedroom and Two-bedroom available.” Then we just booked it. They were a lifesaver.

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