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Thank you for making me a believer again.
I thought probably you were ‘the one’.
Thank you for making me feel special.
I thought you could bring a new dawn.
Thank you for kissing my flawed soul.
I thought you were the answer to my prayers.
Thank you for your warm hugs.
I thought you were worthy of unveiling my layers.

Alas! It was a mirage.
And now, I am addicted to your kisses.
It was a mirage for a week.
And I am afraid to let go of your embraces.
Alas! like a naive teenager I fell for vague promises.
And now I am standing at my front door
With hopes, shattered in pieces.

But thank you for respecting me as a whole.
I know you are the rain after drought.
And I know, mirages are always serene;
Probably for a week.

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Rewinding The Last Decade

2010: 16yrs old. Just somehow passed the physics exam in class XI.

2011: 17yrs old. A good result in board with a glorious comeback in physics. Entry to KIIT. Met Susmit and Vikramjeet for first time.

2012: 18 yrs old. Dance in freshers’ welcome. First solo performance after a long time. Srijani first introduced me to world of K-pop and K-drama

2013: 19 yrs old. Met my first boyfriend. Started my first relationship. Started as roommate of Pratibha.

2014: 20 yrs old. Got placed in Day 1.

2015: 21 yrs old. Rejected first job offer and started my M.Tech life.

2016: 22 yrs old. Lost my grandfather. Broke up with my ex. Met the love of my life. Kyamelia slowly became my close friend from ‘just another girl next room’.

2017: 23 yrs old. Completed my M.Tech. Made friendship with Shubhankar, Midday, Prabham, Chiru and Vineet. And lost the guy whom I love. In return started writing poems.

2018: 24 yrs old. Couldn’t qualify GATE. Couldn’t qualify in various PhD exams. Started my career as a civil engineer in Kolkata. Lost my grandmother and a part of my family.

2019: 25 yrs old. Couldn’t qualify in PhD exam in Pilani and lost my job. Lost my spirit forever. Started my first blog. Met Souvik, the brother who inspired me. And friendship with VikramJeet and Susmit is continuing till this date.

Summary : Life turned me from a naive girl to a lost woman in this decade. I enjoyed a highly promising life at the first half of last decade. And the last half broke my wings and threw me on the ground.
But like Cinderella, I, Oindrila am waiting for a fairy miracle to happen and this time I want to lose my shoe (instead of myself).