Hi, Welcome to this blog site. You have already stepped into a garden of words.
Since the age of 6, I started writing. Finally at the age of 26, I decided to cluster my thoughts at one place. Hence Moonstruck was born. It is just a scribble pad of a woman, venting out her emotions to a place of her very own.

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Loving someone was easy.Being passionate was easier.But, making the same mistakes over and overWas the easiest one, probably.And I realised,Each time I failed to reach my goal,I could hear the sound of humiliation.Each time I slept with a new person,I lost another chance of my redemption.Each night I clutched my pillow,I longed for someone warm.Every […]

প্রণয় ও বিবাহ

সেদিন আমি ফোনে বকছিলাম দুগুর বাপের সাথে। সদ্য প্রেম ভাঙ্গা দেবদাসের মত আধা মদ্যপ স্বরে বলছিল, “আমার কথা কি ওর একটুও মনে পড়ে না? বিয়ে না করলেও তো বউ ভাবতাম।”আমি ঘাড় গুঁজে তখন আমার সদ্য নতুন কচি প্রেমিককে সেলফি পাঠাচ্ছিলাম হাঁসের মত মুখ করে। সেলফি তোলা শেষ হলে বললাম, “নিজের পূর্বপুরুষকে স্মরণ কর। তোর দাদুর […]

Saga of Shillong (6.1)

This was the final day of our Shillong tour. It was the shampoo day. A creature who had lived in a hostel doesn’t take bath regularly during winter. For me, I don’t bath for 7 days during winter. On that chilly morning, I dared to wash my hair so that I could take nice selfies.After […]


For one last time,Icarus flapped his wings.He thought this fight willLiberate him from Labyrinth. For one last time,Icarus dared to cross the sea.He was warned neither beToo low nor to be too high. For one last time,Icarus trusted his father.Who made the wingsFor his flight to be smoother. For one last time,Icarus cried for help.Daedalus […]

Axone : A Recipe from North-East India

So, this Thursday I just watched this film. I got a suggestion from Scoopwhoop. And it was not a bad decision. Axone is a food product of Nagaland. I searched about it on the internet and Wikipedia showed that the word Axone is made of two words. Axo means aroma and Ne means deep. So […]

Saga of Shillong (5.2)

Chapter 5: Scorching Sun, Clear water and Living Root Bridge (Part 2) So, after being fried in that heat, when we reached the bank, I saw Moon was gathering rocks. I asked, “Why are you picking them up?” Masi smiled, “He said that these rocks will help sharpen my knives.” Moon said to me, “Didi, […]


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