Hi, I am Oindrila, The creator of Moonstruck.
My story starts long back to the early ’90s in India. Back then life was simple. I am the only child in my family. So grandparents decided to spoil me with all of their love and wisdom. I can remember when I was 3 years old I used to sleep next to my mother. She loved reading books. Instead of telling me the age-old bedtime fairy tales, she used to read a famous Bengali novel called ‘Prothom Alo’. Thus I got addicted to storybooks.

When I was 6 years old I wrote a four-liner for the first time in my mother tongue, Bengali. It was appreciated by my teachers a lot. That was the beginning of my writing journey. Now I am 26 years old. During these 20 years, life taught me many lessons. I found inspirations from that and I never allowed my pen to stop.

Oh, by profession, I am a civil engineer and in future, I wish to earn a PhD degree too.

So welcome to Moonstruck. Read them, enjoy them and yes criticize them. Maybe I could be an author in future.