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Tears of Persephone

We could have a better connection,
We could have been the best pair,
As I was your precious
And you were my only one.
My entire life had been like
The little creeper cuddling the old tree.
All my life I knew only you
Like the pole star in the vast sea.
You were my first love.
You were my first teacher.
You were my light in the darkness.
You were my only shelter.

But I don’t know what came
Between us to tear us apart.
I don’t know who cast a spell
On us so that our fight gets uglier.
Each night we fight.
Each night we cry.
Each night we get hurt.
Each night brings a nightmare.

Still, you can try to hug me.
You can try to kiss me once
And you can read bedtime stories.
You can give us another chance.

Because, I am still the same crybaby
Whom you once gave birth.
I am still the same toddler
Who waits for you to come back
From your school, everyday.
I am still the same teen
Who tries hard to get close to you.
I am still the same me
Who wants to sleep next to you.

Alas, You fail to wipe my tears
Every time and my soul bleeds.
This time, once Persephone leaves
With the Hades to the underworld,
She ain’t coming back to her mother.
And Demeter’s agony will
Engulf the world forever.

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Memoirs of July Rain

Rains in July were depressing
Just like the moment of dusk.
Those things reminded me of him
Forgetting him was not an easy task.

I always wanted to be the girl;
In a man’s memoir,
Mentioned with passion or
Mysterious with my heart.
For whom he would pine for;
Without whom his day wouldn’t start.

Time flies by like a storm
And I find new lovers all along.
Some find me attractive.
Some men are sapiosexual.
Some think that I’m seductive.
And all fail to hold me firm.

July rains are still depressing;
I am lying next to my new boyfriend.
His lips said, “I love you, darling.”
And all I could do was sniffing his scent.
We are naked under a blanket
But fail to undress our soul within.
Wrapping ourselves into new hope,
The dusk feels now more serene.

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Lady of the Evening

Once again another lip
Tasted her thighs.
Once again another hand
Fondled her breast.
Once again another finger
Felt her wet desire.

There was no love;
Neither any emotion.
There was only lust,
And a large erection
Of some manhood;
Conquering another body
Without knowing it deeply.

What she seeked once, was love.
Instead she got spanks
As a reward of satisfaction;
Of those hungry customer,
Who will be gentleman
Once again as soon as
The east become brighter.