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Memoirs of July Rain

Rains in July were depressing
Just like the moment of dusk.
Those things reminded me of him
Forgetting him was not an easy task.

I always wanted to be the girl;
In a man’s memoir,
Mentioned with passion or
Mysterious with my heart.
For whom he would pine for;
Without whom his day wouldn’t start.

Time flies by like a storm
And I find new lovers all along.
Some find me attractive.
Some men are sapiosexual.
Some think that I’m seductive.
And all fail to hold me firm.

July rains are still depressing;
I am lying next to my new boyfriend.
His lips said, “I love you, darling.”
And all I could do was sniffing his scent.
We are naked under a blanket
But fail to undress our soul within.
Wrapping ourselves into new hope,
The dusk feels now more serene.