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Lady of the Evening

Once again another lip
Tasted her thighs.
Once again another hand
Fondled her breast.
Once again another finger
Felt her wet desire.

There was no love;
Neither any emotion.
There was only lust,
And a large erection
Of some manhood;
Conquering another body
Without knowing it deeply.

What she seeked once, was love.
Instead she got spanks
As a reward of satisfaction;
Of those hungry customer,
Who will be gentleman
Once again as soon as
The east become brighter.

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Blood was running
Through their veins.
Breathes were heavy.
Oxytocin captured their brains.
“So this it?”, She said.
“Yeah.” He replied.
Years after seperation,
When the two bodies met.
Love was gone forever,
But the oxytocin was all they had.

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Usual Things

His hands locked her.
She was gasping.
His lips kissed her again.
She was shaking.

He groped her.
She scratched him.
He pushed himself in.
She screamed a lot
And his friends
Covered her face.

One by one
They all tasted a virgin.
Yummy like a pizza
And superb than anything.

Blood was everywhere.
Her stare was fixed to sky.
They disposed the body
And they were high.

Next morning’s headline was,
“A 12 years old was raped again.”
Brushing away these usual things,
Over a cup of coffee;
The society prefers to move on
To the page three.