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Saga of Shillong (5.2)

Chapter 5: Scorching Sun, Clear water and Living Root Bridge (Part 2)

So, after being fried in that heat, when we reached the bank, I saw Moon was gathering rocks. I asked, “Why are you picking them up?” Masi smiled, “He said that these rocks will help sharpen my knives.” Moon said to me, “Didi, all of you go to the washroom if you need. We will leave for the border within 15 minutes.” Oh God! That washroom! It was stinking but at least it was not dirty. Dad already bagged some cucumbers and chips and water bottles for the journey. It was past noon. The area became congested due to traffic. So, I would suggest that if you go to Dawki, please visit this area before noon or in the afternoon.

India-Bangladesh Border Gate

After crossing the traffic, we finally got some speed. Moon was showing us the border side. The side of Bangladesh looked like the nearby neighbourhood. Moon told, “Daily many Bangladeshis cross the border to sell things here and sometimes they sneak into the Indian side. Security is very tight here.” I was wondering 70 years ago this land was undivided. May be back then children used to play at the no man’s land or maybe there were some houses. Eventually, we reached the spot. To be honest, you can skip this spot if you wish. There is nothing to see except the border gates. We lost time due to this trip and we were late for living root trip too. Still, my mother didn’t forget to take at least 10 pictures even though the BSF was insisting us to leave the gate as soon as possible.

Losing almost 2 hours from the border, we finally took place. There was no network. All we could feel is that Moon was driving it hurriedly. After driving for 1 or 1.5 hours, Moon took a break. It was 1:30 pm. There was a beautiful fall at that place, called Borhill Falls. It is better called a cascade. The waterfall made a stream which flows toward Bangladesh. The scenery was beautiful. Few tourists were taking a bath on the upper stream of the falls. I asked, “Moon dada, how did they reach there?” He smiled, “They took a different road and that won’t lead to Mawlynnong.” I sighed. Still, what amazed me more was the white flowers which were covering the hill.

Flora of Borhill
Borehills Falls
Stream from Borehill

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