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Saga of Shillong (5.2)

After 15 minutes, Moon said. “Hurry up we are getting late.” And in that hurry, I slipped and fell on the road. Thank God, I somehow saved my phone but I hurt my knee. Mother screamed out. Dad was rather annoyed. I stood up and said, “I’m fine ma.” She asked, “Did you break joints?” I made a face and said, “Are you nuts? If that was the case, wouldn’t I have passed out of pain?” Amidst screaming, Moon already brought some roadside plants and crushed them. He said, “Apply this paste.” Maa said, “No, no. It might cause allergy.” Moon smiled, “No madam. It’s perfectly fine.” I just applied the paste and yes, it stopped the bleeding immediately. I said, “There’s one problem maa. My stockings are torn and my legs are not shaved.” Don’t ask me about that life-threatening look she gave me. I simply asked, “Maa, one photo?”

Posing after slipping
Entrance of Mawlynnong

After this little refreshing episode, we reached Mawlynnong at 2:30 pm. The word ‘Mawlynnong’ means ‘God’s garden.’ It is famous as the cleanest village of Asia. So out of curiosity, I included the area in my tour program. I asked before planning, “Maa, did you hear about this village on your honeymoon trip?” She replied, “No. But I wanna go.” Before entering the village, you have to park the car outside the village. After that, you need to walk down the road. The village was indeed clean; better say very clean. Moon was guiding us. He said, “We shall have lunch here. But they provide local food only.” I noticed that maximum houses are advertised as modern homestays. Some houses were even providing wifi too.

The village seemed to be picture-perfect, appropriate for honeymoon couple. Maa was busy in clicking a selfie. Dad was kinda running for lunch. Very soon we got to the dining area. Meghalaya is dominated by Khasi people and Khasi community is matriarchal (Just like my family). Naturally, all the places we visited so far, women were in charge everywhere. This kitchen was no exception also. Though the interior was no posh the ladies were very swift. Lunch was served in thali (a complete meal on a plate) system. Mineral water is not available there. You need to depend on sweet hilly stream for that. After lunch, we walked over the area. But this village was so tidy that it seemed like it is almost artificial. I noticed that this area lacks the liveliness of a normal village. I was quite disappointed as I expected to visit a regular village.

Flora of Mawlynnong
Hut of Mawlynnong

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