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Skipped Beats

My heart skipped a beat
Whenever I saw his almond eyes,
Covered with lashes and
A spark that never dies.

My blood used to dilute
When I hugged him tightly.
His scent made me go euphoric
As he smiled sweetly.

But when I look back nowadays,
I see nothing but a girl in love,
A fool and hopeless.
I feel disgust for her desperacy
To be loved back.

When I look at myself nowadays,
I see nothing but
A blurry past;
Wrapped in tears and
A broken heart;
Tries hard to skip
Its beats once again
In hope for
A story to begin.

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The Goodbye

The train left with him.
She was starting alone,
On the platform.
Her eyes were moist,
The heart was racing,
Her fists were trembling.

She was alone.
She was helpless.
She was morose,
Feeling hopeless.

He was slowly fading away.
Speed was picked up.
All she wanted to run away
With him, but
It was not her time yet.

She has to stay more
On the platform.
To wait and wait.
Until she turns grey
To get her ticket.

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The Syrian Father

My heart aches,
This pain is passing
To my shoulder.
Sweat is breaking and
Things are getting
Dark and darker
More than I can imagine.

You are lying next to me
With a cold look.
What are you searching?
Our children?
I saw them dying,
Lying over there, like
A cold piece of meat.
And they didn’t cry.

Angels didn’t take them away
The bombers did.
Because we are Syrians.
I don’t know who they are;
America, Russia or Asad?
Blinding their visions,
Gas chocked their throats.
And they simply died;
Like any other stray goats.

Can you hear the sound?
Our infant is crying,
She is hungry maybe.
She survived.
Feed her dear anything, please.
Why aren’t you responding??
Did you also leave me?
I can’t see anymore.

I am sorry to leave you so early.
I couldn’t give you a better place.
But I hope,
Your children won’t meet
The same fate as your siblings.

They won’t choke their throats
Crying helplessly like you.
I pray that the next sunrise
You will be seeing
Will not be as bloody
As today is.

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