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Saga of Shillong (5.1)

Very soon we reached to that Island. It was full of white rocks. The water was very cold. We were already been roasted by the sun. Still maa was not tired to tired of posing. Masi preferred to stay on the boat due to her knee. I was busy clicking photos for this blog. Other travellers were preparing for fishing and campfire. The local people were very nice. They told me, “Pretty soon, the government might start building a dam. So that flow can be controlled.” The river feeds both India and Bangladesh. I was hopping on stones, thinking about our audacity; desperately to control nature. I was worried that if a dam is built then will we be able to enjoy this clear underwater view?

Can you spot the fishes?
On our way back to main land

On our way back dad kept saying, “I should have brought my towel. I could have a swim in this water then.” My mother is a fish lover. The way she was looking at those fishes, it reminded me of her pet cat. On the other boat, Moon was with my masi and uncle. He said, “Our next point Mawlilong is far from here. So we need to hurry.” The border was a mess. Only a few police from Bangladesh was managing the crowd. He was trying his best so that no one crosses that invisible border. Dad tried to say ‘hello’ to them, I pulled him back. It’s my hobby to collect stones from each river I visit. This time was also no exception. But at the checking of Guwahati Airport, the officers just threw them out; suspecting that it could be limestone. Anyway, it was half-past 12 pm and Moon started the engine.

At least 20 feet deep

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