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Saga of Shillong (4.2)

After the Cave expedition, I found my mom and masi busy in shopping handcrafts. I rolled my eyes, saying, “Women.” I asked Moon, “What’s next?” He replied, “The last one, Seven Sisters falls.” I said to them, “Hurry up maa.” My Masi was still blabbering about her knee replacement surgery. We were a bit disappointed upon reaching the spot. The falls is completely dried up. That point was also good for watching the Bangladesh border. I was still drinking that medicinal water from my new bamboo bottle. Suddenly I felt a bit pressured. I cried, “Dad, miracle!!! I am under pressure. Manage a soap paper.” The public toilet was good, really and my dad was standing outside all time like Guard of Honour. I pity him sometimes.

The dried up Seven Sisters Waterfall
Bangladesh Border
Bangladesh beyond Indian mountain

Our last spot was an eco-park at Sohra. It was just opposite of the Seven Sisters waterfall. The park had a dried mountain stream too which later turned into a waterfall. Crossing the danger sign, I was stood at the edge of the side of the hill. In front of me, the mighty Himalaya was standing with his glory. The day was really good. Ma bought wild cinnamon and peppercorn a lot, enough for a year. I experienced so many things. Before sundown, we head back to our hotel. Just at dusk, we experienced something mesmerising. The gorgeous colour palette in the sky at the dusk and alignment of the Venus, the Jupiter and the Saturn. As time passed different constellations slowly appeared leading us to our warm hotel so that the next day we could enjoy the Dawki River.

The dusk at Sohra

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