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Saga of Shillong (4.1)

So we entered into that wonderland. At the entrance, we went down to the valley by stairs. Moon was the guide. At first, he showed us a mini cave complex. There was a funny rock bed, called the King’s Bed. The moist over there was somehow soothing. I told dad to lie down on the rock. (My grandfather nicknamed him as ‘King’.) Moon was having actual fun with us. We went on our road (with sticks of course) following Moon to visit the falls in there. I think I visited seven or eight falls. As I visited in the winter the falls were nearly dry.

The little fall beside King’s Bed
The King’s Bed Cave
Nature is amazing

After walking so many falls I was panting like a dog in summer. Dad and I were enjoying. Maa and masi were busy in their grapevines. And my poor uncle couldn’t keep up with us due to his old age. Moon offered me a wild nut. He said, “Try it, Didi. It is very tasty.” Masi asked, “Are we heading back now?” Moon said, “Not yet. We are about to visit another place. You have to cross the small bridge over there. That falls contains medicinal water.” After a few minutes, we finally convinced masi to visit the place. There was a little shop which sells bamboo water bottle. Thankfully dad bought me one to carry water. At first, ma was being feisty for wasting money. But later that bottle was always in my bag as a natural insulator to keep cold water.

Different Places of Garden of caves

To reach Umdawai, you need to cross a bamboo bridge. And it is so high, that if you accidentally slip, I bet no medicinal water could help you out to heal. Beside the bridge, there were so many wild orchid plants. When we crossed the bridge we finally saw the star of the day. It was nothing but a thin stream of clear coming out of a hole. But the water was very clear and tasty. Gastric problem is the biggest health issue all over Bengal. I was no exception. Dad advised, “Just drink the water. You are dehydrated. Don’t fear, it’s just naturally filtered water.” I don’t know whether the water had any magic power or my psychology after drinking that I feel a bit relieved. And on the other hand, to my exclamation, my mother was treating it as if it is the holy water offered to God. I thought to spare some logic but dad indicated to leave her alone. My dad is sometimes genius.

Maa on the way to medicinal water

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