Posted in Poetry

Another Woman

At a certain point in time,
You will like a brand new smile.
That smile will make your day bright
and he'll keep calling you day and night.

His courtesy will move you.
His sincerity will blind you.
His words will woo you.
His kind soul will bewitch you.

He will take you to lovely dates
And share a cup of coffee.
He will promise to make you the happiest
And kiss you genuinely.

There are no more nightmares.
You are now in love; neck-deep,
Again you listen to the birds' chirp.
And forget that the coin might flip.

Phone calls are not frequent any more.
Texts get rare slowly.
Each time you get a busy line;
You got to know you are not his only.
His concern is now somewhere else,
Probably in another city.
And that's the time to realize,
You were his another woman only.

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