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The Bird and The Moon

There was a bird, named Titir was calm one night. It was unusual for her not chirp unnecessarily.
Looking at her, the wind blew, “What happened to you?”
The dewdrop asked, hanging from a leaf, “What happened to you?”
The stars were gazing at her with the same question, “What happened to you?”
Leaving a sigh, she looked at the full moon on the sky. The moon asked her, “Tell me, dear, what happened?”

Titir shed a teardrop and said, “I always wanted to be caged with the chains called love. I fell in love with a tree at first. But he was in love with the river. After that, I flew to the arm of a sage hoping he would love me. He also denied to hold me. Next, I wanted to be by the side of a prince. But he was careless also. Now I want to be free from my desires. I want to challenge myself but I am too afraid to do so. But how can you be so glorious among the stars despite having so many scars?”

Looking at her, the moon smiled. With a loving gaze she said, ” My dear, it’s me who defined my worth. You always wanted to be recognised by others. But I made myself so strong that I never cared for anyone’s recognition. Fly away, my dear. It’s the pain which will make your wings stronger. The danger will make your claws sharper. And surely one day you will find your love who will be there beside you like the Sun always keeps me warm.”

Since that night, the Jungle never saw Titir. Legends say that maybe she found her love, another bird who was there beside her despite many danger because she challenged her wings once.