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Rewinding The Last Decade

2010: 16yrs old. Just somehow passed the physics exam in class XI.

2011: 17yrs old. A good result in board with a glorious comeback in physics. Entry to KIIT. Met Susmit and Vikramjeet for first time.

2012: 18 yrs old. Dance in freshers’ welcome. First solo performance after a long time. Srijani first introduced me to world of K-pop and K-drama

2013: 19 yrs old. Met my first boyfriend. Started my first relationship. Started as roommate of Pratibha.

2014: 20 yrs old. Got placed in Day 1.

2015: 21 yrs old. Rejected first job offer and started my M.Tech life.

2016: 22 yrs old. Lost my grandfather. Broke up with my ex. Met the love of my life. Kyamelia slowly became my close friend from ‘just another girl next room’.

2017: 23 yrs old. Completed my M.Tech. Made friendship with Shubhankar, Midday, Prabham, Chiru and Vineet. And lost the guy whom I love. In return started writing poems.

2018: 24 yrs old. Couldn’t qualify GATE. Couldn’t qualify in various PhD exams. Started my career as a civil engineer in Kolkata. Lost my grandmother and a part of my family.

2019: 25 yrs old. Couldn’t qualify in PhD exam in Pilani and lost my job. Lost my spirit forever. Started my first blog. Met Souvik, the brother who inspired me. And friendship with VikramJeet and Susmit is continuing till this date.

Summary : Life turned me from a naive girl to a lost woman in this decade. I enjoyed a highly promising life at the first half of last decade. And the last half broke my wings and threw me on the ground.
But like Cinderella, I, Oindrila am waiting for a fairy miracle to happen and this time I want to lose my shoe (instead of myself).

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A Letter to My Lover

Dear Adi,
Since September 29, 2019, we are talking. At first, you were just another guy I connected on social media. Honestly, I don’t care to go through the facebook profile of every person I meet. You were no different.

I remember you first pinged me asking about my blog. I was amazed. I thought, “Wow, He has a good observation power.” I said, “Yes.” Then you asked me, “Do you travel a lot? Because I love travelling.”
That’s how our story started. I still didn’t look at your pictures. I didn’t know how the other person looks. I remember you were very talkative. Very very much talkative. Before I could reply to anything you kept sending me messages. I thought, “What a crazy boy!”

I liked to chat with you. Unlike other people, you took an interest in my writings and my small blogsite. You kept sending me a synopsis of every poem I wrote. And we exchanged numbers. For the first time, I saw your picture in your Whatsapp profile picture. You were posing in front of your car. To be honest, that was a kiddish picture. And then you called me. I was not ready to talk because I have a ‘manly’ voice. But the childish sweetness of your voice soothed me. I remeber, you said, “I want to make my career. I won’t take any penny from my parents.”

Adi, that was the exact moment I found a man in my 7 years long dating history. As the alumni of KIIT, I have met many rich people. But none of them had the firm confidence to be a self-made person. After a long chat, you said, “Would you like to date me? Then I’ll keep your photo as my wallpaper and I’ll tell people that you’re my girl.” I blushed. I blushed like a bride. I thought, “He is flirting. But he needs to be more subtle.”

I was slowly captivated by your sweetness. Meanwhile, I went to Vellore for my check-up. Vellore has something magical for me. Last time when I visited, it was the rainy season. It kept raining all day with thunder and storm and reminded me of my then love interest. But this time, the cool autumn breeze told me to say yes. And yes, I wanted to be your girlfriend. I was such a naive girl. Why did I trust someone so much without even meeting him? But that’s how my nature is.

Our bonding was working smoothly until you got to know about my past. I was honest with you. That’s why I opened up about my all past mistakes. I thought you would listen to it and you will say, “Rimli, it’s okay. Don’t whine about it.” Instead, you rejected me. You said that my past was bothering me. I was shattered. I didn’t expect that from you. You left me. But you came back again. Honestly, Adi, that break had left a scar on me. This time our equation was changed. The sweet caring Adi was no more. This time I started to cling on to you. I was afraid of losing you. I kept waiting for things to get back to normal. But the magic was gone. With the waiting expectations grew and those unfulfilled expectations turned into anger. At a point, I burst out.

I still remember the day you drunk called me on video and said, “I am never gonna share a room with any girl except you. Do you understand? Rimli you are mine.” After keeping the phone I cried. I cried a lot. What to do? I was in love with you. I just wanted to hug you and sleep in your arms. I love you.

But your placement pressure was high. Our conversation was zero. And just a day before your interview, when you texted me, I burst out of anger. I hurt you, Adi, didn’t I? But what to do? We didn’t talk for more than 14 days. The very next day you were selected in Dell. When you told me that, I just wanted to hug and kiss my unseen lover to congratulate. That night I found my talkative Adi back. You kept telling me that I was your strength and you used to read my poems. Adi, I was crying on the other side of the chatbox. I never thought that I could be loved so much.

We started it again. And this time luck was on our side. I met you in real for the first time. Oh God! I wish, I could stop the time and travel back to the moment I first saw you. I can’t forget your peach-like cheeks, your thin soft lips and you. I never felt that we had fought so many times throughout the time. When I was snuggling in your chest, you hold my face in your palms and said, “I love you” followed by a kiss. I don’t care if that was a dream or a mirage or anything. That was one of the most memorable in my 26 years old long life.

I am writing all of these because I can’t express what I feel, verbally. Again our bond seems to be lost. Your silence hurts me. I want to talk to you but you are unavailable. I want you to be with me. I want you to love the naive girl. I want you to bring back the talkative Adi I first talked. I want to be your girl truly.
With Love,

**P.S : Just few days after writing this letter, I received a message from him. And it was over. The dreams I dreamt with him were shattered. That’s life.

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The Prada was not worn by the Devil

When I first watched the movie, ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, I was 20 years old, a final year student B.Tech Program. I had a job offer and this movie could have taught me, the struggle of Andrea for her survival in a fashion magazine office. I think every woman should watch this movie. This movie got everything, from a good direction to a wonderful wardrobe (even for the junior artists) to strong women and a the wonderful parallel story track of Andrea and Miranda.

The Story

This movie, based on the novel of the same name by Lauren Weisberger, starts with parallel shots of the morning routine of the women working for the ‘Runway’, fashion magazine and Andrea, an aspiring journalist who is preparing herself for the interview. When the women are seen covering themselves under branded and fashionable clothings and makeups(even their undergarment are branded too); Andrea is shown as another girl next door. She is not even aware of the name of the editor-in-chief of the magazine. Her interview with Miranda was quite catastrophic. Miranda Priestly, a graceful, strong-headed and fashionable woman didn’t even bother to ask her more than two question. But she was selected as her assistant.

Andy, Miranda and Emily

The first half of the movie revolves around how Andy is struggling to survive as the Dragon Lady’s assistant and simultaneously taking the essence of fashion as granted. Her colleagues Emily and Nigel were her breathing mask under that pressure.
Then one day she realised as she is working for a fashion magazine, legendary in the fashion world, being indifferent towards fashion won’t help her. And that was her turning point. The second half shows her success, development in personality, her struggle to cope up with her personal life and ultimately her choice to ditch Emily to attend the Paris fashion week as Miranda’s assistant.

The story comes to a full circle when Miranda opened up to Andy about her upcoming divorce, her genuine motherly love for her twin daughters and how media will blame her success for that. Andy also faced the same thing before coming to Paris. Her boyfriend and her friends also blamed her success as she was unable to give them the time they were used to get. Thus both women; the successful and the aspirant stands at the same point. But unlike Miranda, Andy chose her personal life and quit Runway for another big publication.

Andrea, the Aspirant

I think Andrea is us, the young naive little girl. She dreams to be a journalist but she lacked the homework for the interview she was going to appear in. She thinks that the potential talent and brain matters not the look. That’s why Miranda stated that she has no fashion sense but she got the job because of her impressive resume and her confidence.

The careless Andy

Like all of us, she is clumsy, adaptive, curious, determined but takes her job granted. To her, ‘Runway’ is just a magazine. But for Nigel, her senior and friend from the office pointed her out, “Do you think this is a magazine? This is not just a magazine. This is a shining beacon of hope.” He enlightens her that fashion is another form of art and Runway publishes some of the greatest artist of the century. His enlightenment was the wake up call for her. She learns to love fashion. She learns that when you can’t succeed in your job until you learn to love the essence of the job and adapt the environment of the workplace. Eventually with the help of both brain and beauty she was able to be Miranda’s close person; even Miranda opened up to Andy about her insecurities in the personal life.

Her transformation after accepting the essence of her workplace

The Colleagues

If it was not the first assistant Emily and the art director Nigel, Andy would never be able to transform and be Miranda’s favourite. Though they were the supportive character, still they left their mark on the movie.
Emily was a classic ‘devoted to the boss’ employee. She tries her best to keep up with Miranda’s expectations but fails all the time. She doesn’t want any competition coming in her way. Inshort she worships the magazine. But never gets the reward she wants. She only helps Andy whenever she needs Andy’s help. She is basically the every other toxic yet helping colleague you meet everyday.

And there is Nigel, the angelic colleague who will become your best friend slowly. If it was not Nigel, Andy would have been fired long ago. He is a good observer with a sharp nose. Just by smelling Andy’s breath he figured out that she had Onion beagle in the breakfast. He can read people thoroughly. And the best thing about him that he is easy going with everyone. When Andy started to shine, he warned her about the proud attitude she might get as a part of her success. Though Nigel’s sexual orientation was not revealed properly, but he is the epitome of metrosexual men. Personally I would love to have an husband who has such good taste in fashion.

Miranda, the Marvellous

Miranda Priestly is the other name of success. She is perfectionist, punctual, stylish, composed, organized. And she wants her assistants to be exactly like her. Her character is based on Anna Wintour, the editor in chief of Vogue Magazine. Miranda knows exactly what she wants, be it her starbucks or the brand new collection from a new designer.

At the beginning Emily stated that she is a legend. The very news of her coming to the office was enough to put everyone on line. She is so punctual, that even Nigel was surprised why she was 15 minutes early. She works in a fashion magazine. She is a zero tolerance perfectionist. So she expects everyone in the office to keep the essence of fashion alive. She is an iron willed woman. So everyone tries to live upto her expectation. She is dedicated to fashion and art. Only she can distinguish the difference between cerulean blue and turquoise blue. She can even lecture about the origin of cerulean blue. As she takes her job seriously she can clearly remember the exact cover topic of an issue published two years ago.

But Miranda is an ultimate genius woman and a great politician. She knew that she was supposed to be removed by the board to bring much younger Jacqueline. Her true character was prominent only in the fashion week arc. She offered the creative director post of fashion designer Holt to Jacqueline as she honoured the talent of her dear rival. Though she had a tough image but she adored real talents like a true leader. So she easily got the signs of writer, photographer, models, designer and others whom she discovered and nurtured to assist Runway on the petition to stop her from leaving Runway. And she was well aware of Nigels loyalty and talent. That’s why she kept him by her side. She was devastated about her divorce. But she was more worried about her children than her own image. She was not stone hearted after all.

In my eyes, Miranda was never the devil. She was a born leader and she wanted the best to be extracted out of her employes. Her influence changed the clumsy Andy into an organized dignified woman. Miranda faced the same criticism which are always used against the strong willed career oriented woman. Those criticism are only used to make the women feel guilty as they wish to be ambitious. May be the film was released in 2006. But after 13 years still this movie is relevant to inspire women to be like Miranda or Andy or Nigel. Just be ambitious. Be headstrong. Then may be one day their success stories will be featured as the cover story.